If you are like me, Jiu Jitsu has become a huge part of your life. Going back in history, the art originated in Japan and made its way to Brazil where it was embraced and it flourished. From Brazil, it has spread worldwide. A lot of the most talented and knowledgeable artists had set their roots in America, and more specifically, in California. I've lived in California for almost my whole life and I feel like there is no other place like it. I feel fortunate that this is where I ended up and that I was able to be raised here. California is a beautiful place and I feel like this is one of the reasons why Jiu Jitsu has made it here. The guys that came to California to start a new life could have chosen to go anywhere in the world, but they chose to be here. Chances are, I never would've had the opportunity to train if it weren't because of this event happening in history. I feel blessed for a lot of things in my life and Jiu Jitsu is definitely one of them. With Jiu Jitsu being in California, I feel like it will allow the martial art to become more popular worldwide.

Cali Jiu Jitsu

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